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Got bladder issues?

Is this you? Poor bladder control Scanty/dark/cloudy urine Urinating every 5 minutes Stiffness in your little toe Headaches Difficulty in peeing: If you feel the need to pee, but it wont come out easily, this is a sign that you need to balance your bladder and kidney energies. Solutions: Eat foods like beans, sea vegetables, herbs, […]

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Fat burning foods.

A list of some local fat-burning foods.

People often get into trouble while loosing weight, they take on the ‘fruits and veggie’ mentality and instead of losing weight, they gain. Weight loss is not just about eating fruits and veggies all through, too much of everything is bad. Most fruits contain a high amount of sugar and if not regulated, could cause […]

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Utazi the bitter herb.

Happy new month! Where are my ‘Isi ewu‘ and ‘Nkwobi’ lovers? They will know this herb well. It is called ‘Utazi’ in Igbo and I think ‘Arokeke’ in Yoruba. The botanical name is GONGRONEMA LATIFOLIUM. Its used in some local dishes to add a bitter-sweet flavour to foods. It works well in dishes like unripe […]

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If you can condition your mind, you will be unstoppable. (1)

The secret to conquering the mental battle with weight loss.

Owning several weight loss equipment and tools in the world does not translate to actual weight loss, in fact you really don’t need much to begin your weight loss journey. The real issue lies in the mind…. Your ability to conquer laziness, dump all the junk foods and eat right and exercise. I have met […]

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Super Tuesday: Thankful.

I’m just in the ‘thanksgiving’ mood, been having the feeling since last Sunday. This time last year, I was gradually going down the slope, killing myself physically and even spiritually. Well, I didn’t know at the time, I thought I was doing the right thing. But, what surprised me was that despite all my sins, […]

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