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Bone broth benefits.

Have you heard about bone broth? Hollywood celebrities are crazy about it because of its wellness benefits. It takes time, but very simple to make. To make this dish, you may use bones from beef or chicken, I prefer beef. If you are used to asking your butcher to cut and throw away the bones in […]

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How to cheat and stay skinny.

Whether you are still thinking of losing weight, or have reached your weight loss goal, the scariest thing that comes to mind is; not eating the things you love so much. I miss snuggling up in bed with a pack of cookies and a glass of cold juice or eating chocolates of any kind just […]

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Healthy living for the family.

Why do some people think that weight loss or healthy living is only meant for them as an individual? Even those from homes that have at least 3 people who are over weight don’t seem to care about others, they just want to cook their own meals and do their thing separately. Are you one […]

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Heal me Lord.

My Lord, my healer.

This is meant for someone special out there, I pray he/she gets to read it and be blessed in Jesus name.   Whenever I hear that someone I know is sick, I wish I could just play the song ‘Miracle worker’ by Glowreeyah Braimah to them and they will jump up and get well instantly. […]

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Corn chips and guacamole

Corn chips and guacamole!

My kids and I are big fans of any kind of corn chips, especially ‘Doritos’. Tried severally to make something like that at home, but still haven’t gotten it, and I dont want to use store-bought flat bread or corn tortillas. Anyways, I tried again this time and came close…ok, not so close because I […]

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3 ways to get motivated to workout.

One of the things that make people lack the zeal to lose weight is the thought of exercising daily. From experience, I have discovered that most people can easily watch what they eat and lose weight but never workout. If you are in this category, I feel you because it happens to me too. It […]

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