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Herbal teas and a flat tummy.

I know, immediately some people see ‘flat tummy‘ they will rush to checkout what this is all about, Lol! ‘Flat tummy’ is becoming a thing now for both men and women. Everyone wants their waist line to be as Kim Kardashian’s….but not willing to do the work involved. People call me up and ask; “How […]

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5 tips to help you go far with your weight loss

Hi there, Stuck at a spot with your weight loss? I know how that feels, especially when you have over 5kgs to lose. After the first few kgs, things begin to get harder and harder and your body becomes resistant, which means you have to keep doing more to keep things moving. There are different […]

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8 foods to avoid while detoxing, for a more youthful appearance.

While on a detox, there are certain foods you should avoid if you want great results, also as adult above the age of 30, there are certain foods that you should generally avoid for a more youthful appearance…. Cow milk products: This will slow down the cleansing process by increasing mucus production in the body. […]

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Motivation Monday: Overcoming depression.

Hey you, hope you had a lovely weekend? The spirit of depression has been around for ages, many people accommodate this spirit without even knowing it. It is a silent spirit that eats up the mind slowly, and if nurtured for a while, could lead to death. But this is not our portion as children […]

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